Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspiring things I've read about Down syndrome: Part Two

I finally finished my book, Gifts, and it was amazing to see how people take this diagnosis of Down syndrome so much differently.  But what I noticed throughout the whole book was that the scariest part of this whole journey is not knowing what the future holds for your baby, but in truth, do any of us know what the future holds for any of our children?  There are so many misconceptions out there about Down syndrome and still today women are getting outdated information from their own medical professionals that make them think and feel like their life will never be the same again after having a child with Down syndrome.  That it will be a horrible life for the baby and the family, but I can say that my life is far from horrible.  Sophia is an amazing blessing sent to us from God and I wouldn't change her for anything in the world.  She is a true gift to our family!

-  "Doctor's deal with facts, but children are much more than a collection of facts.  They defy expectations;
     they do their own thing.  We must never limit them based on some set of statistics, or define them based
     on a diagnosis." -Robin

-  "Like the rest of us, he was born with his own combination of limitations and talents.  And just like the rest
     of us, he deserves to be accepted and appreciated for the unique impact he will have upon the world."

-  "When assumptions based on ignorance or outdated information abound, they perpetuate a society that
     will not embrace or even accept differences." -Janine

-  "Although we are all born unique, we come to this earth needing the same things: love, affection, and
    security.  No matter how different we may seem, we all deserve to be cared for and respected as human
    beings." -Alexis

-  "After all, my baby is not a diagnosis, not a list of her potential woes.  She is a beautiful person, full of
     laughter and grins.  There is a world of possibilities laid out before her, and I love exploring those 
     possibilities with her." -Nancy

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