Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bye, Buddy

Buddy the Elf showed up in our house for the first time this holiday season.  He really didn't cause a lot of trouble, not like some of the other Elves we've heard about....until the final countdown to Christmas.  With 7 days remaing until Christmas, Buddy decided to spice things up and go out with a bang. 
Buddy toilet papered our Christmas tree!

Buddy added a few touches to some of our photos.

Buddy reading a nice story about Barney to some of Jayden's pez.

Barricading Jayden in her room with some of Sophia's blocks.
Ziplining his way down to the playroom.... destroy it!

Buddy turned our milk GREEN.

Buddy took all of our ornaments off of our tree.

Hang on Captain America!
Even though Buddy caused some mischief his last week with us, we still really enjoyed having him here and are looking forward to his return back from the North Pole after Thanksgiving next year! 

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