Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Pics

Sophia, and her friend Nolan :)

Sleeping Beauty

Jayden, after getting her hair cut.

Sophia :)

Sleeping Beauty # 2 (sleeping with her mouth open...I have no idea where that comes from??? :)

Jayden and Daddy at the Nascar Speedpark in Tennesse

Jayden hit the big Jackpot, 1000 tickets, for the second time in her little life :)

Sister (heart)

Sophia, who is NOT taking a poop, but looks like she could be.

Animal had a LONG week of busy, busy on vacation!

The Family, getting ready to leave our cabin in the woods and return home.

Headphones...she loves them!

The girls; Jayden, Sophia and Shelby dog

Mommy and Soph

Daddy and his girls

Randy and Me


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