Thursday, November 10, 2011

Road to Recovery

We are now on day 8 post surgery.  Last Wednesday Sophia had her tonsils and adenoids removed and a bronchoscopy.  The surgery went terrific and after a hour surgery she was on the road to recovery.  Coming out of anesthesia, in the operating room still, she immediately reached out her arms to be picked up, she is a lover after all :)  And with that little irresistible face looking at the resident anethesiologist, she got exactly what she wanted and was then carried to the recovery room, where she was then passed off to a loving nurse who rocked her till her mamma got there.  First class treatment if you ask me :)  So we spent that first night in the hospital, as a precautionary measure, and things went fine, actually they were great.  She was eating a little, listening to music, doing a little dancing in her bed, sitting up, and working the third floor PICU like nobody's business, then day two came......

Before leaving the hospital Sophia had started to get a low grade fever, which is normal after surgery, and she spit up a few times after feeding, which is normal for Sophia when she isn't feeling well.  So we went home thinking maybe we would be one of those lucky ones whose kid bounces back like it was nothing, but we weren't so lucky.  Sophia, and Mommy, had a sleepless night that night but was okay on Friday morning.  Then 3PM hit and it all went downhill after that!  She spiked some pretty high fevers, up to 103 at one point, and it continued all through Friday night.  We called the on call ENT and got a script for amoxicillin and finally by Saturday morning she was doing better.  Then the dreaded 3PM came again, not sure what was up with that time, but the fevers came back and she was miserable.  She also got a bad cough that night that kept us both awake all through the weekend.  Come Sunday evening the fevers were gone, but her energy level was at zero.  We got to our pediatrician on Monday and got a breathing treatment to help break up a cold that was settling in her lungs, but everything else surprising looked okay.  We started the treatments at home and worked on getting her back to her formula, she had been relying on Pedialyte for most of the weekend.  She continued to be extremely wiped out Monday and Tuesday and still today she needs a little more rest than normal.  But the breathing treatments seem to be helping and we are slowing getting back to straight formula, we are doing half formula/half Pedialyte right now.  When we went to the doctor yesterday, for a follow up from Monday, she said that some of the scab had come off, and it looked good.  And we can tell by her breath that things are healing because it isn't so rank anymore! 

I think that our road to recovery may still run into next week, especially with the cold set back that Sophia is having to deal with on top of her surgery recovery, but I believe that we are defintely on the upside of things now.  Especially since I got to sleep in my own bed last night, for the first time in over a week, and we both were able to sleep longer than 1-2 hours at a time!  We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that we have received and all the kind gestures from friends and family!  Thank you :)

Sophia and Mommy right before surgery.  Sophia was beginning to feel a little loopy from the sedation drugs she was given for any separation anxiety that she would have :)

The rest are all pictures follwing surgery, at home recovering.

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  1. she is so sweet God bless you all love you