Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspiring things I've read about Down syndrome

I'm still reading my book, Gifts, that was given to me at Christmas, and some of the things I've read have really made a connection with me or just made me think, "wow, I never thought of it that way."  So I thought I would start sharing some of the inspiring things that I've read about Down syndrome from other moms, just like me.

- "....never worry about her.  She's from God and He'll take care of her."-Amy

- "The lows are lower, but the highs are much, much higher."-Jennifer

- "Your  life will have flashes of color you never knew possible."-Mary

- "Life with an extra chromosome is a gift.  A good gift."-Kathryn

- "She is who she is, as she was intended to be."-Rebecca

- "Why me? Why not me?"-Cynthia

- "If I worry about tomorrow, I'm going to miss today; I would miss this very  

- "Our life is better than good.  Sure, we have our tough days, but they have
    nothing to do with Down syndrome.  How can this message be understood
    by those who don't have a person with Down syndrome in their lives?  I
    don't know.  I was one of 'them' and I still don't know.  But I will continue
    trying to build that understanding."-Janine

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