Monday, September 20, 2010

The Black Hole

Jayden had a dentist appointment today and she did wonderful. She was a little scared at first and shed a few tears, but warmed up pretty quick and got her teeth counted, cleaned and brand new Woody toothbrush! She also had her first xray taken of her teeth and did a fabulous job! Then we got the dreaded news.......Jayden has a CAVITY! We noticed a black dot on one of her back teeth a few weeks ago and thought she may have one and we were right :( So now we go back in few weeks to get it taken care of. They are going to give her a sedative to mellow her out and she shouldn't remember anything that happens. She will be a little out of it the rest of the morning, but should be fine by the afternoon. I'll keep you posted on how the filling of the cavity goes.

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