Monday, April 29, 2013

My Little Bambino

Last Friday was Sophia's first t-ball game, ever.  I can't really say that she did great, but she definitely kept things moving! 

I love to play sports.  I've never been an all star at any sport that I've played, but I've always enjoyed playing sports, and as a family, we enjoy being outside and playing sports together.  Jayden has been playing sports for about 3 years now.  We started out with basketball, then tried out some t-ball, added soccer to the mix, and this year she is moving on to softball.  I think it's good for my kids to be active and getting out and meeting new friends and having fun.  I really don't care what my kids do, or even if they're great at what they're doing, but they have to do something.  It's my rule :)

Anyway, Sophia turned 3 almost one year ago, and I SO wanted to get her started in something.  Soccer was my first choice, but the programs that I knew about, had different age requirements for kids with special needs.  I was kinda bummed.  So when I heard about this t-ball league from Sophia's preschool, I was happy, but a little worried that a flying baseball might not be right up her alley.  Another mom let me know how great it was, and that it was just a very laid back, fun atmosphere.  So we signed her up, and now she's a t-ball player :) 

We play t-ball at home, and with our help, Sophia loves to put on Jayden's helmet, bat, and run the bases, or just a straight line out to where the pitcher is standing and back.  Whatever she feels like :)  She's very unorganized like that.  So I wondered how it would go Friday, and looking back, it went exactly how I would have expected.  She ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran.....for about an hour, around the field.  She'd run around the field, across through the field, stop to hug or maul someone, pick someone elses nose, throw some dirt, bat and then run half way down the first base line and veer off into the playing field, and then she ended the game being the center of attention...go figure.  I'm not sure that Sophia's buddy knew exactly what she was getting herself into pairing up with Taz, I mean Sophia, but I hope she brings her running shoes again this Friday! 

Number 4, that's my girl :)
First game, and she acts like she owns the place!

Running off with her preschool buddy...not sure he was willingly wanting to run off with Sophia though!
Again, on the move....

Sophia's fan club...she just can't stand to not be the center of attention! LOL :)


  1. OMGOSH!! I love this! I can tell you Shelby was tired:) But a very happy tired! She can't wait for Friday and said she thinks she knows what she needs to change up LOL!!! This is Shelby's 4th different buddy over the last several years. By far the busiest but I knew Shelby would LOVE her!! And she does~! However MANY LOVED Sophia as you cold tell I am sure:) Each game will get a bit more "organized" and that smiling little girl will keep us all on our toes! Thank you for bringing her to us!!!

    1. I knew Shelby had to be worn out after Sophia got done with her, but I'm glad she enjoyed her, busy body and all! LOL Hopefully Sophia will settle in a little more as the season goes on. I'm sure she was overwhelmed with all the people and stuff going on. I can hear it in her head, "where do I go first, what do I do first????" :)

  2. Oh my goodness, it sounds like it went just as Sophia wanted it to go:) Fast and fun! And we have the same rule: You've got to be in something:) ANd let's be honest, has Sophia ever NOT been the center of attention!?!?!?! <3 you guys

  3. Always the center of attention! Lol...she wouldn't allow it to be any other way :)

  4. Always the center of attention! Lol...she wouldn't allow it to be any other way :)