Monday, January 3, 2011

To Indy and Back

Jayden, Sophia and I went to Indy today for two appointments, Developmental Peds and Pulmonary. It was an extremely long day, but the girls did AWESOME! and I was so happy with both of them. Jayden completely amazes me sometimes. She can be such a crab one day and then the next day she is the most helpful and well behaved little angel! She reminds me a lot of someone else........

We got some good news from both doctors today. Sophia's weight to height seems to be just about right for the time being. We are going to continue with what we're doing right now and get her weight and height checked monthly here in Terre Haute and then see by that if we need to adjust her feedings at all. She has been doing extremely well, both during the day and her night feeds, at keeping her feedings down (not spitting up.) I am beyond excited about this, but a part of me is just waiting for the storm to hit, again. It really seems like it's to good to be true, but I sure hope that this is a permanent turning point! Also, as of right now, there isn't really a need to see pulmonary anymore, unless a problem arises. So we will have another sleep study done this summer and see how the results of that are and then go from there. If things look good, and we don't have any concerns, then we will continue with an annual sleep study and leave it at that. A part of me would much rather go see pulmonary every month than do one sleep study a year, they are HORRIBLE, but it is good news, so we'll take it.

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