Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sleep Who?

Last night Sophia had another sleep study up in Indy and it was a complete nightmare! We had to be there by 9PM, which is already 1 1/2 hrs past Sophia's bed time, and of course we waited then finally got up to the sleep lab. I knew I was going to be for a long night because the last sleep study she had was almost just as bad. It was 10:30PM by the time they had her all hooked up, and extremely pissed off. She had probes all over her head, on her face, up her nose and on her chest, really how is a person supposed to sleep like that? She FINALLY fell asleep and something either came off or she pulled it off and the tech had to come in and fix it and of course that got her going all over again. This scenario repeated itself ALL night and if I had to guess I would say that Sophia, and myself, maybe got a full 3-4 hours of sleep last night :( The poor thing was exhausted, but in good spirits after all that crap was off, and I must say it provided Sophia with a really bad hair day today! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her, but my sister-in-law did and she looked pretty hysterical. Anyway, we should find out the results in about 10 days, and they were pretty much looking at her oxygen stats as well as any sleep obstructions possibly due to her tonsils or adenoids.

Sophia definitely has a tooth poking in and another one on it's way, both bottom front teeth :) Every time I try and get a good look, she sticks her tongue out and covers them up, so it's hard to get a glimpse of them, but I know they're there! She is also moving a little now, in circles :) She will spin herself around in a circle with her legs when she needs to see what is going on ALL around her. It's so funny to see her do it, and now if she would only get the hang of actually moving from point A to point B :)

Jayden is so excited about her big birthday coming up, and has made her list and is so sure that she is going to get everything on it, we'll see. We also got party decorations this past weekend and surprise, surprise the winner of the party decorations was: TOY STORY! We also got a letter from her preschool today and found out that we will have a parent orientation on Aug. 25th and Jayden will have storytime with her teacher and classmates on Aug. 31st and the first day of school is Sept. 7th! She's really excited and I'm sure that she's not quite sure what this whole school thing is yet, but if she decides to talk to the kids, she may make some friends and have a good time, but she's not sure she wants to talk to anyone yet:) and as long as I don't forget to come back and pick her up, I think she'll be good. As if I have ever forgotten her anywhere! Geez, she has no faith in me :)

Randy is still working in Terre Haute at South High School, but he should be finishing up within the next month, so we'll see where he gets shipped off to next. As long as he gets shipped somewhere, we'll be happy! And I've been home doing my thing here. Have a great week!

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